About Us

Welcome to Armor-X New Zealand.

Armor-X was created with athletes and adventurers in mind. We are dedicated to providing explorers of the world the best method of taking there electronic devices into the great outdoors, and to that end we have created our unique system of protective cases and mounts.

Our products allow you to safely and securely take your Smartphones and Tablets with you while you venture into extreme environments or weather conditions. To ensure our cases and mounts can withstand these environments, we use cutting edge materials and production methods in the manufacturing of Armor-X products.

The X-Mount System is a patented design. It is designed to secure your devices to our series of heavy-duty mounts and racks. We offer a wide range of mountings designed for bikes, motorcycles, boats, and other sport vehicles. Specially designed for sports lovers, devices with X-Mounts can be moved conveniently and quickly between vehicles or equipment.

With Armor-X cases and the X-Mount System, devices become rugged GPS navigators, action cameras, and companions in extreme terrain, weather, and underwater. The adventure is your choice. 

Although Armor-X and the X-Mount System is brand new to New Zealand, the Armor-X system has been successfully used all around the world since 2010. Armor-X are continually refining their products and introducing new products to the market, allowing adventurers to take the very latest iOS and Android devices into the great outdoors and beyond.

We here at Armor-X New Zealand are a small but passionate team dedicated to offering our customers informative and accurate pre-sale service and information, fast and efficient order processing and delivery, and prompt after sales support. We hope that you find our website informative and easy to use, and we are always interested to here from you on any matter regarding our website or the Armor-X products.

Armor-X New Zealand is owned and operated by Paul and Julia from Franklin, Auckland in New Zealand. We have been in business importing, and operating websites since 2005. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.